The “European Citizen Campus” (ECC) dissemination conference and global exhibition will take place from 25 to 26 June 2015 in Antwerp/Belgium. The conference will be devoted to the overall theme of “European Citizenship” from an artistic point of view. How do contemporary students and artists understand and express their identity as EU citizens?
The event will look at the main results of the ECC project that focused on the vital role that universities and student service organizations can play in the development of a European identity amongst young people by fostering student art projects. During the summer 2014, 144 students from different academic disciplines and 12 internationally well-known artists worked together in transnational laboratories visualizing their approach to European citizenship. The project was carried out by 10 universities and student service organizations from 6 different countries, namely from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal.
How did the ECC project contribute to the development of new visions of European citizenship amongst young persons?”; “what are the essential components of this European identity?” and “what role can play universities and their partnering student service organisations in order to stronger contribute to a creation of a European identity in the future?” are central questions to be tackled at the conference. Professional artists who led the art laboratories and participating students will present and discuss their concepts on the laboratory sub-themes (identity, roots, home, conflict, freedom, dialogue) with the wider audience. A selection of art pieces produced in the various laboratories will be shown at the conference exhibition.
The ECC Conference 2015 is expected to bring together some 150 participants from Europe and globally. It has been devised for major stakeholders in the European art sector, representatives of national and European networks and associations, university and student services leaders, university and student affairs staff specialized in cultural and international affairs as well as representatives of university cities and the student body.

The event features knowledgeable and well known experts from the European Commission and the European Parliament. To round things of, the conference includes a keynote address by Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, former Luxembourg’s Minister of Culture, Higher Education, Research and Public Works. Furthermore, a scientific analysis of the ECC project will be presented by PhD, MA Katja Mäkinen (Post Doctoral Researcher supported by the Finish Kone Foundation).