Lange Nieuwstraat, 101
BE-2000 Antwerpen

The final European Citizen Campus exposition in Antwerp will show an extensive selection of the pieces of art that were produced by 12 professional artists and 144 students in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal during the summer art laboratories 2014.

Each art laboratory focused on a sub-theme of “European Citizenship” and was devoted to another art genre:

  • Laboratory 1: theme “identity”; professional artists: Kelly Schacht (cross-over) and Thé van Bergen (painting); location: Antwerp/ Belgium
  • Laboratory 2: theme “roots”, professional artists: Daniel Depoutot (cross-over) and Rafael Urwiller (illustration; location: Strasbourg/France
  • Laboratory 3: theme “home”, professional artists: Prof. Dr. Michael Klant (cross-over) and Raymond Waydelich (cross-over); location: “Freiburg/Antwerp”
  • Laboratory 4: theme: “conflict”, professional artists: Antonio Guiotto (visual arts) and Dario Lazzaretto (cross-over); location: Padua/Italy
  • Laboratory 5: theme “freedom”; professional artists: Paul Catrica (photographer) and Mário Rocha (painter and ceramic artist); Viana do Castelo/Portugal
  • Laboratory 6: theme “dialogue”, Gianfranco Celestino (modern dance) and Cathy Krier (pianist); location: Luxembourg