The aim of the six laboratories is to bring together about 144 art skilled students from six different countries together with 12 internationally well-known artists to work and perform together stimulating new creative processes and forms of expressions on the overarching project theme, namely “European Citizen Campus”.
In order to demonstrate the complexity and the faceted richness of the theme, each laboratory will dedicate itself to a thematic variation of European citizenship:

  • Laboratory 1 “Identity” examines the own unique cultural identity, shares this and through dialogue questions, understands what one can learn about and from each other.

in charge: Artesis Plantijn University College, Antwerp, Belgium

  • Laboratory 2 “Roots” examines where we are coming from and how and if our personal past and background defines our understanding of citizenship.

in charge: CROUS Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

  • Laboratory 3 “Home” tries to redefine the geographical area in which one’s grew up or feels belonging through critical and creative thinking.

in charge: STW Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

  • Laboratory 4 “Conflict” will focus upon artistic interpretations of tension-charged themes such as, general and situational knowledge, social exclusion, culture, race & ethnicity, gender & sexuality. The oppositions will motivate the participants to shape their artistic actions, not towards supremacy, but towards reducing levels of exclusion and constituting a resolution.

in charge: ESU Padova, Padova, Italy

  • Laboratory 5 “Freedom” provides a safe, open forum for discussion of university values-including access, accountability/transparency, academic freedom/quality, autonomy/good governance, and social responsibility.

in charge: IPVC, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

  • Laboratory 6 “Dialogue” seeks to identify the kinds of cultural awareness which are present in European universities and how the arts are used by different stakeholders including policy makers, practitioners and others in the field of culture

in charge: UniLu, Luxembourg

country laboratory organization artist 1 genre artist 2 genre
BE Identity Artesis Plantijn University College Thé van Bergen Painter Kelly Schacht Performance and cross over
FR Roots CROUS de Strasbourg (supported by the Ungerer Museum) Daniel Depoutot Performance and cross-over Raphael Urwiller Painting
DE Home STW Freiburg Prof. Dr. Michael Klant Cross-over Raymond Waydelich Cross-over
IT Conflict ESU Padova Antonio Guiotto Visual arts Claudia Fabris Photography and performance
LUX Dialogue UniLU Gianfranco Celestino Dance Cathy Krier Music (Piano)
PT Freedom IPVC Paulo Catrica Photography Mario Rocha Painting and ceremics