Date: 27.07 – 02.08.2014

Town/Country: Padova/Italy

Artists: Antonio Guiotto/ Dario Lazzaretto

Genre:   installations, cross over, performance


[from Enciclopedia Treccani] conflict [from Latin conflictus-us “crash, clash”]. – 1. ≈ armed opposition armies battle, combat, conflict (armed). b. struggle between states: the First World War ≈ war. ↔ peace. 2. (figurativo.) the opposition of ideas, feelings, and similar conflict of interest] ≈ collision, conflict, confrontation, conflict, disagreement, discord, opposition, shock. ↑ incompatibility, irreconcilable. ↔ agreement, harmony, compatibility, compatibility.
During the CONFLICT workshop in Italy we would like to explore the possibility of a new definition of conflict, where “opposite interests” are brought to meet/clash, in order to produce innovative behaviours or, furthermore, social innovation.
Antonio Guiotto and Dario Lazzaretto will be requested to accompany and encourage micro-conflicts among the participating students, useful to bring out the contradictions of living as citizens of Europe and to give new values of relationship between young people through the language of art.