Date: 21.7. – 26.07.2014
Town/Country: Luxemburg
Artists: Cathy Krier and Gianfranco Celestino
Genre: classical music (piano) and dance


Short Description

The theme of the laboratory that will take place in Luxembourg in July 2014 will be “the dialogue”. The artistic fields of music and dance will be used to express the idea of dialogue.
Music and dance have always been closely related with each other and been in a constant dialogue.

The pianist Cathy Krier and the dancer and choreographer Gianfranco Celestino, leaders of the workshop, will be confronted with the different levels of dialogues they would like to approach and express with the students of the participating European universities, discovering & exploring the multiple faces of their personality.

Their aim is to explore the relationship between music and dance, composer and performer, performer and audience.

The music of European composers from different periods will serve as a starting point. Students will experience the musical interpretation of these masterpieces, the development of the choreographic response to the selected music and the effect that the choices made exercise on the public.

Expected Profile of Participants

To ensure the smooth running of the workshop, it will be recommended to recruit students who show a strong interest in the fields of music and dance.

It will be necessary to select at least eight people who already have a good experience in playing piano and could read a musical score. The required level of piano should not be lower than Johann Sebastian Bach’s Two-Voice Inventions. The participants playing the piano will get short scores in order to prepare the music and to guarantee the success of the workshop.

Regarding the part dedicated to dance, it is not necessary that the participants already have experience in dance, but a good physical condition is welcome.